Friday, 7 October 2016

On the Ropes - Mayfield - Choi Records

Slipping and sliding out of Melbourne is this old school Funky workout that takes me back to the golden age of Funk and the rise of the Bboys. Liberally scattered with funky signatures this is not your four beats to the bar flowing Northern Soul movement. What we have here is dyed in the wool funk whether it be Carlas striking vocals, nasty sax work or the bass line wending its way hither and thither. There's nothing shy about this tune, it gets right up in your face and demands you listen and then once having done so makes you get your ass onto the dance-floor. As the promo literature has it this is relentless and from the get go there is no let up in pace or pressure and i expect there will be lots of little sweaty club goers jumping around to this one. 2/3rds in we have a sax solo that totally wigs out and takes off and soars...hard as nails man. Lead singer Carla has a fine timbre and tone to her voice channeling visions of legendary soul divas and yet she steers clear of straying into imitation territory and keeps it sassy and forthright. Every component here exhibits a freshness that whilst you might think you are listenting to a JB cut lets you know that this is something newer and modern, all the ingredients are there but the alchemy has been changed to give us something different. It may well sound like what has gone before but its totally Mayfield and I am looking forward to what their debut Album offers us in 2017. This 45 will not hang around so if it floats your boat you best get cracking.

On the Ropes is available to pre-order from bandcamp . you can use the link in the player below.

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