Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Let Love Come in - Clifford Curry - Cannonball

Alchemy. Go look it up if you are not sure of its meaning. Forget all about that base metal turning into gold and focus on the more broad meaning of transformation through combination. Its a skill that is second nature to the Cannonball guys. It sounds like an easy gig when you think of it, take a backing track, acoustic track, whatever and put some music to it, flip it onto a 45 and let the world beat a path to your door. When i put it like that it make it seem like anyone could give it a go but i doubt that the end result would be something that most of us would be proud of. Getting the right musicians together who intuitively know the rhythms, feel and general tone of soul music is no easy task. This I believe is the magic of Cannonball, Its run by Soul fanatics and the musicians are all steeped in the genre and like Sculptors finding the statue in a solid block of marble and chipping it out so they can take raw material track and find the unheard song contained therein, pull it out, craft the structure and then pull it all together. And this is a prime example, an 1973 demo from Clifford Curry that never advanced beyond the studio acoustic concept stage. Its a right little nugget, a little scrappy in places, as one would expect, but ripe for the alchemists touch. There's a richness to the track with its lush piano, flecks of bongoes and hammond pounding that beat deep down and then lifting momentarily for the break and back onto the solid groove. Sure to cross over into all Soul scenes its an instant classic. Flip side features the original Acoustic take so nice to be able to make the comparison between the Base and the Gold....

Word is that this is just the first in a line of forthcoming 45's arising from a project with the Numero Group. So expect some more of that Cannonball magic over the coming months. Joe Blogs is pretty excited

Let Love Come is released on August 1st and pre-orders are available from the Cannonball store