Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Colemine records - The 45's

Colemine records founded by Terry and Bob Cole are based in Ohio USA and are celebrating 10 years of releases furnishing us with the best in current soul, funk and related genres. In 2015 they opened up Plaid Room Records in Loveland Ohio catering to the local and wider vinyl collecting community
Catlog # Artist Title A Title B Release Date
CLMN-101 The Jive Turkeys Straight Fire Thumpin 2008
CLMN 103 The Jive Turkeys B.A. Chickenfoot 2009
CLMN-104 Ikebe Shakedown Hard Steppin The Prisoner 2009
CLMN 105 Ikebe Shakedown/The Jive Turkeys No Answer No Answer 2010
CLMN-106 The Jive Turkeys The Funky Turkey Funky Brester 2010
CLMN-107 Dojo Cuts You Make Lovin' Real Easy Love Me Right (Lola's Lament) 2010
CLMN-108 Los Sospechos Jano's Revenge Mirror Door 2010
CLMN-109 The Jive Turkeys Get Down Santa Funky Jesus 30/11/2010
CLMN-110 Monophonics / Destruments Like Yesterday Freedom 2011
CLMN-111 On The Spot Trio Suction Critically Acclaimed Shit 2012
CLMN-112 Il Carbonaro High Noon Amigo De La Muerte 2012
CLMN-113 Tee See Connection Black Mamba Take My Breath Away 2012
CLMN-114 Jungle Fire Comencemos (Let's Start) Tokuta 2012
CLMN-115 Alan Evans Trio Authoritay Drop Hop 2012
CLMN-116 The Rugged Nuggets Yo Todo Tu Yo Tsunami 2013
CLMN-117 Fat Night Things You Do Things You do (inst) 2013
CLMN-118 The Grease Traps Street Sweeper Burning Bush 2013
CLMN-119 Jungle Fire Firewalker Chalupa 2013
CLMN-120 The Jive Turkeys The Reggie Ducks Dirge 2013
CLMN-121 The Ironsides The Raven Song for Adrian 2013
CLMN-122 In Motion Collective Jesse’s Jing MTA 2013
CLMN-123 The Droptones Don't Get Caught Young Blood 2014
CLMN-124 The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble City Heights Strollin Adams 2014
CLMN-125 Leroi Conroy Remember When? La Gran Mesa 2014
CLMN-126 Orgone Don't Stop Powerfeed 2014
CLMN-127 Gene Washington & The Ironsides Don't Throw Your Love Away Got To Get Through To You 2014
CLMN-128 Orgone Strike New You 2015
CLMN-129 Monophonics Promises Strange Love 2015
CLMN-130 Durand Jones & The Indications Smile Tuck n Roll 2015
CLMN-131 Ephemerals Things Loving Guaranteed 2015
CLMN-132 Kris Lager Band Loving Arms Money & Loneliness 2016
CLMN-133 Gene Washington & The Ironsides Next To You I Still Love Them All 2016
CLMN-134 Orgone Do What You Came To Do Ronin 2016
CLMN-135 Soul Scratch Pacified Look How Far We've Come 2016
CLMN-136 The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble Jeannie's Get Down A Message From The Meters 2016
CLMN-137 The Gripsweats Ziggy's Walk Alpha Dog 2016
CLMN-138 A.J. And The Jiggawatts It Is What It Is Party Music 2016
CLMN-139 Orgone Bulletproof PCH 2017
CLMN-140 The Dip Won't Be Coming Back Chanterelle 2016
CLMN-141 Jungle Fire N.U.S.A.U. La Kossa 13/01/2017
CLMN-142 Durand Jones & The Indications Make A Change is it any wonder 09/07/1905
CLMN-143 Leroi Conroy Tiger Trot Enter 2017
CLMN-144 Orgone I Sold My Heart To The Junkman Goodbye NOLA 2017
CLMN-145 Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos What A Shame Brian Wilson 2017
CLMN-146 The Flying Stars of Brooklyn, NY My God Has A Telephone Live On 2017
CLMN-147 The Dip Sure Don't Miss You Sure Don't Miss You (Inst) 2017
CLMN-148 Ikebe Shakedown Supermoon The Ally 22/09/2017
CLMN-149 Black Market Brass War Room into the Thick 2018
CLMN-150 Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio Concussion Memphis 24/11/2017
CLMN-151 Orgone Big Day Hound Dogs 02/02/2018
CLMN-152 Mestizo Beat Featherbed Lane Handcuffed to the shovel 02/02/2018
CLMN 153 The Harlem Gospel Travelers He's On Time Wash me Lord 02/03/2018

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Wishes and Wants - Shirley Davis and The Silverbacks - Tucxone

All generations think that in their lifetime the apotheosis has been reached in art, culture and technology but sure as shit smells, all generations are wrong. So it behoves me, when reviewing music, not to bandy around phrases like "golden age" or "cannot be bettered" because you know as well as i do that soon enough something newer will arrive that pushes the art onward. I guess the best we can say, certainly for this generation and the Funknsoul genre, is that the peak is in sight and we are currently generously endowed with those who can push the musical form forward.

SD+TS first came to my attention some years back after the 2014 release of their LP Black Rose - an lp that is a power house of FunknSoul and should be viewed as a yardstick of the genre. Note for note that LP should have been a chart topper, dense as it is with hooks, licks and classic movements that had me hitting repeat, repeat, repeat but it slipped under a lot of folks radar and that's a pity but for me it is a regular play on my commute. Thanks to the lads over at Tucxone and an email tip-off some months ago, the thoughts of a follow up from these guys had me literally salivating in expectation of the release date.

Its easy to hear why theres such a buzz around this combination of musicians and vocalist, The Silverbacks know the Funknsoul craft inside out and their framing of musical movements is spot on and without any frippery or ornamentation. Straight up no fuckery is what these boys dish out. Listen to The Silverbacks Theme, 21st Century Funk liberally dappled with latin flecks. Or the backing to All About Music, the organ boozily wandering all over this little soul number, the brass, front and center servicing Davis's crystal clear vocals backing off, now slinking up beside them and shimmying away again playfully. Or the flashes of Afrobeat on Nightlife; Easy as falling off a log to these guys.

Davis, again, treats us to what can only be described as a masterclass in vocalizing whether she is tearing it up on Kisses, the almost exasperated exhortation of Woman Dignity or the soul diva style of Troubles and Trials, the girl has it all going on. We need to be haring more from the lady and i trust that this set of tracks will get her sound and rhythms all over the scene and into the consciousness of many more folk {and for us punters into Playlists!!!)

Tell you what though i would have been surprised if I had heard this set and came away from it with any sort of niggling doubt as to the whole. Just like the first LP there's not a duff note here and the craft and dedication to perfection is evident on this one too.

The day will come when i will be writing a review on these pages, where i am not 100% enthusiastic about the subject, today, i can tell you, is not that day.

Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks "WISHES and WANTS" is now available through Tucxone Records Online Store and shipping commences from April 6th.

Get your ass over to Tuxcone site and pick up the first great FunknSoul set of 2018